Xero Cloud Accounting

As a firm of proactive accountants, we continually intend to offer solutions to our clients to make accounting and bookkeeping much easier. As part of this commitment we would like to introduce you to cloud accounting and Xero.

Cloud Accounting:

Cloud accounting serves the same purpose as any other accounting package that you would install and run on a standalone computer except that it runs on a server and it can be accessed through a web browser using the internet connection.

Switching to a cloud accounting package enables business owners to access their accounts in real time from anywhere in the world. There are many providers of cloud accounting software in the market, however the one we recommend is Xero.


Xero is an ecosystem of 300+ add-on applications which cater for modern day businesses depending upon individual requirements of these businesses. Having been around for a while Xero has evolved and adapted on a continuous basis to address the requirements of its customers on an ongoing basis.

Key Benefits:

Online Bank Feeds: With the online bank feeds import facility, there is no requirement to input bank transactions in Xero. Connect Xero to the bank account and all the bank statements would be automatically imported and categorised. You can even setup rules for recurring transactions so that next time the recurring transactions would be automatically posted to their relevant head, freeing up your time to focus on core business activities.

Mobile Access: Since Xero is a web based accounting package, it be can accessible from any smartphone or tablet connected to the internet and it is not just confined to a PC or laptop. In addition the worry of data clashes can simply be forgotten as the data is maintained on servers which is all very well looked after by experienced technicians round the clock and newer versions are rolled out automatically.

Online Invoicing: Xero has developed a system where invoices can be emailed directly to customers from within Xero which saves a considerable amount of time by firstly producing invoices, drafting the email and attaching invoices to the email. In addition, invoices can also be transferred from Xero to Xero at just a click of a button. Invoices can also be customised as per the need of the businesses and email templates can also be modified.

Expense Claims: A unique feature currently not offered by any other accounting package in the market, this feature enables users to upload their expenses into the system for authorisation and payment and since Xero is cloud based, the system can be accessible from anywhere in the world.

Support: With a remarkable turnaround time to queries, Xero offers unlimited email support to all its customers. In addition, it also has a library of videos and guides on its website. It also runs training and events through Xero U and all these benefits are included within the monthly subscription price.

Besides all of the above Xero also has countless benefits which modern day businesses can exploit for their own advantage and free up business managers’ time to focus on core business activities. If you would like to explore more please speak to us and we would be happy to help arrange a test drive.

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