Client feedback – changing to Xero

1.     How do you feel about switching from Sage to Xero?

Best thing we actually did.  I thought Sage was an easy system and I was very nervous of changing to Xero.  However I soon found out just how better an accounts system Xero is.


How Xero has simplified bookkeeping for you?

Far easier system to use and understand.  I think the system is far more self-explanatory and much easier than Sage was. To process my banking now takes half the time than it did before.  Prior to Xero, I had to go through the bank statements, then go through sage and I also had to have a separate spreadsheet.  Now Xero only – all on Xero and has saved me huge amount of banking time.


On average how much time do you save on monthly basis by doing the bookkeeping on Xero compared to Sage?

I tend to try and keep pretty up to date and update Xero at least every other day, and that can take me half an hour max.  It definitely takes me half the time that Sage did.


Any other areas where you think Xero has helped with keeping the books up to date efficiently?

Also great system for Fallows to log into and do whatever they need to do.  I must admit when we first changed over I, obviously with a new system, had a few areas I was unsure of, but must say Fallows were always there for me on the other end of the phone to assist me. 

All in all, I would say, I much prefer Xero System.  I can also say that I was very unsure as to whether we should change or not as I actually liked Sage, but not anymore.  I know that that sounds a little bit “Sales Talk” but it is how I feel.

Here’s what another client said:

 “Yesterday I was looking at the list of companies in Xero with almost no unreconciled items and balances looking correct. I had a small tear in my eye”